Foster Pride is  unique by virtue of the strong partnerships and long-term relationships we develop with the staff and students that we serve. We don't host one-time events or single-session workshops – Foster Pride classes and programs allow students to return week after week to develop their talents, establish relationships, and build self-esteem in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Volunteers and staff who join Foster Pride stick with the program — many have been working with Foster Pride for over ten years. The same is true for our agency partners — many of our weekly art classes have been running at these organizations for more than a decade, and have become part of the fabric of the agency. Three of our staff members are former Foster Pride students. This teaching opportunity allows them to both maintain their relationship with Foster Pride, and, importantly, to be peer mentors and role models for our younger teens — examples of the success that they too can achieve.


Our Supporters

Foster Pride has received generous support from the following organizations. We are grateful for your generosity and we would not be able to do the work that we do without your help.

The Andrus Family Fund, The Andrus Family Fund/BETS, The American Eagle Foundation, The Blavatnik Family Foundation, The Bloomberg Foundation, The Catalog for Giving, The Carnegie Corporation of New York, The Cowperwood Company, Credit Suisse First Boston, The Crown Family Foundation, The Donald A. Pels Foundation, The Fifth Floor Foundation, The Hasbro Children’s Foundation, The Heckscher Foundation for Children, H&M, The Jean and Robert Stern Foundation, The Jim Jacobs Foundation, The Joelson Foundation, The Ann M. Martin Foundation, The Maurer Family Foundation, The Patrina Foundation, The Pinkerton Foundation, The Provident Foundation, The Reuters Foundation, The John A. Reisenbach Foundation, The Rockefeller Brother’s Fund
Signature Bank, The Strypemonde Foundation, The Thanksgiving Foundation, The Threshold Foundation, The Tianaderrah Foundation, The Tides Foundation, United Postal Service Workers, The Whispering Bells Foundation, The Wyomissing Foundation